Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Music in the Air and Dancing in the Streets

San Francisco is alive with street performers!  I love it!

Mad Noise at the Ferry Building Farmers' Market

This gentlemen was playing percussion on buckets, was using bottles for cymbals, a bucket of glass shards for a tambourine and had set up next to a metal light pole so he could utilize that, too.  There was another onlooker there who asked his name after recording him for a bit.  He said he goes by Mr. Buckets and Bottles.  He made that face for me on purpose :)

This is a tap dancer who was set up next to the cable car turnaround.  A prime spot, I am guessing.  I am also guessing that this guy spends many hours a day dancing.  He didn't have an ounce of fat on him and every muscle in his body was defined.  I couldn't help thinking that he looked like a living anatomy model.  In this picture he was bringing a shy youngster out of his shell.

Dean Harlem might be one of the hardest working buskers in the farmers' market scene.  I went to 3 markets and saw Dean Harlem at 2 of them.

In Chinatown, I came upon this group playing.  The sidewalks are so crowded and narrow in Chinatown that the group had to line up one behind the other on a slanted sidewalk to fit in the space.  I was especially charmed by the man in the back, sitting next to the peace and love mural doing his thing.

The talent on the streets of San Francisco is high and I was happy to throw a buck or two into the buckets and hats of these buskers in exchange for a few pictures and a bit of entertainment.

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