Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sights and Sounds of Pier 39

One of the most famous San Francisco sights is the gathering of sea lions at Pier 39.  I took some photos of the pier from afar before I ventured over to them.

It is illegal to harass or feed the sea lions, so they have become quite at ease with hordes of gawking tourists.

The only thing that seems to bother them is when another sea lion gets up in their business.  After taking some pictures, I realized the best way to capture this spectacle would be a video.  So I ventured into new territory with my camera to record the sea lions for you!  Beware, they are at once repulsive and adorable.  Although, the repulsive part might have been the smell, so perhaps you will just find them adorable.  Oh wait, that will only be the case if you keep your sound turned off.  These creatures make disgusting sounds!  Funny enough, many of the sounds they make I have heard come out of my dog Jack.

Be sure you watch for the big splash at the end!

And, in this one we see that not everyone welcomes new neighbors.

For my readers in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving.  May you get a sunny afternoon nap free from hog piling.

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