Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Around Our House

The smell of pine was alluring to me this year, but I wasn't up for the effort it takes to set up and maintain a tree.  I decided to check out what my local garden center had in stock and ended up coming home with a bundle of mixed pine branches with a little eucalyptus thrown in.  I made 4 pine bouquets and spread them around the house.  It hit the (scent) spot and seems to be lasting longer than a tree would have.  Next year I plan to get one of the beautiful wreaths the staff at Mother Earth Gardens were making when I picked out my bundle.  They were the most beautiful wreaths I have ever seen!  (It was dark and cold and I didn't have my camera when I was there, so you will have to take my word for it.)

front porch pine bouquet

Part of our holiday was spent at home with the pets.  Tchazo got a new, squeaky santa toy.

Waiting patiently for santa.

Fanny destroyed a bow and hung out in her new box.

Jack got a new coat.  He is getting so old!  Sometimes he falls down or slides off of things and decides it isn't worth the effort to get back up.  He will just lay there for a while until he decides it is worth the effort to get on his feet again.  I think he was pleasantly surprised when sliding off of the dog pillow landed him right on top of a heating vent. Serendipity!

These doggies sure do love to snuggle together when the temps outside dip down.  We've been letting them spend their nights like this instead of in their crates.  I think their night time mischief making might be behind them, so they have earned pillow privileges in their old age.

More Christmas fun to come!

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