Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Today marked the 4th annual New Year's Day Crafternoon.  It has become a tradition I look forward to.  I love spending the first morning of the first day of the new year in the company of a group of crafty, smart and cherished friends.  This year that group included Jill, Jamie, Jessica and Missy.

We ate really well, which is an important part of this tradition!

We crafted, we chatted and we enjoyed a warm morning/afternoon inside while the temps were very January-like outside.  And, as usual, I was focused on the socializing and hosting duties rather than my camera.  These are the only 3 photos from the day!  That is ok, though, because it is the time together that really matters.

We started the year as I mean for it to go on, which is what is at the heart of this annual Crafternoon gathering.

A very happy New Year to you!  I hope you are starting it as you mean for it to go on.  

I am spending the rest of my afternoon/evening trying to wrap up 2012 pictures and posts.  Check back this week for the onslaught of 2012 F.O.s, pet pictures, some food highlights and a rundown of back to back to back holidays that happen in my family during October-December.

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