Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas with Family

Christmas with our families = presents galore! I feel spoiled times a million this time of year, especially with my double whammy of birthday and Christmas in the same week.

I think everybody is getting used to me pointing my camera at them, so I was able to capture pictures of nearly everybody we spent time with at Paul's parents' house and my Mom and Roger's house.  I don't think Paul's side of the family has made the blog before, so I hope they don't mind my sharing! (Nichol, I only ended up with one blurry picture of you so your blog debut will have to wait.)

Nephew Sam.  He was very excited about the presents and waited super patiently through lunch and clean up before the present portion of the day happened.

Nieces Sarah and Danielle.  Wonderful actresses, the both of them.

Niece Mary helping Clarence open his gift.  Clarence, Paul's dad, was diagnosed with ALS about 3 years ago.  So far he has been able to continue living at home, so he has been able to be there for holidays.

Joanne, Paul's mom, also known as the Maestro of Christmas.  I know where Paul gets his urges to spoil me on my birthday...from watching his mom spoil all of us on Christmas!

Brother in law, Tim assembling a tiny lego train for Sam.  So. Many. Tiny. Pieces.

Portrait taken by Mary.  She is pretty excellent with the camera for a 1st grader!

Next up: my side of the family.

A Kindle to help my mom travel lighter.

Roger opening a package with underwater cameras.  He and my mom are in Tahiti at this very moment, putting those cameras to use!

Paul was happy to receive a gift that will teach him about growing ingredients for homebrewing.
This little urban lot we have is going to be mighty full!

Jessy "making it rain" with her stack of ones.

Cinco wears the bow well.

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