Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ramona in Purple

My knitting project for my San Francisco trip was this hat.  The pattern is called Ramona Lace Helmet.  I started the hat while I was travelling, but didn't finish it until a bit after I returned home.

When it came off of the needles, I was concerned it might be too small.  But, I trusted that it would grow when I blocked it and it did!  It fits me exactly how I wanted it to!  It is sort of magic when it works out that way.

I altered the pattern by completing 3 extra lace repeats before starting the decreases for the top.  I like how it sits with that bit of extra length, plus my row gauge was tighter than the stated gauge.

I recommend the channel island cast on that the pattern indicates.  It is extra work but I think it makes the edge look really smart.

I wore this hat endlessly until I was forced to transition from my fall to winter coat.  As it turns out, my winter coat is a shade of maroon that looks horrendous with this luscious purple yarn.  Oh well!  You can't win them all.

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