Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Annis Shawl. Again.

Another shawl!  This one is not meant for me.  I knit it out of stash yarn (Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool) because I had a hankering to knit the Annis shawl pattern again.  I wasn't sure who it would be for, which is a rarity in my knitting.  I usually knit with a clear purpose, be it for myself or for a gift for a specific person.  Somehow, I was at peace with the ambiguity of this shawl's future and I knit it happily.  Then I blocked it and set it aside: a shawl in waiting.

The shawl didn't have to wait all that long, because recently our friend Mary contacted me to find out if I had anything I would like to donate to a fundraiser/auction she is organizing for Get Your Rear in Gear.  Paul (and Mary and many, many friends, coworkers and family members) lost Jason, a good friend and vibrant person, to colon cancer in 2011. Since Jason passed away, it has become an annual tradition for those that were close to him to participate in the walk in his honor.  The shawl has found its purpose.

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