Monday, March 11, 2013

The Moth - Love Hurts

Minneapolis/St. Paul finally has its own Moth Story Slam!  After a failed attempt at attending the inaugural event (they oversold tickets, we didn't want to trade our advance tickets for standing room only space so we opted for a refund and free tickets to the next event - see this article for details), we attended the second event.  I am sure glad I gave it another chance, because we were treated to a fabulous evening of gifted storytellers.  Throughout the evening, we laughed, we got teary-eyed, we poked fun at our local culture and I had an amazing gin and tonic.

The host, Mike Fotis, did a stellar job of adding in some of his own stories, keeping the night rolling and adding an upbeat energy to the show.

Taking a bow, raising a fist

The brave souls who told stories on the theme of "Love Hurts" did it intimidatingly well! I know I am too chicken to go up on that stage myself, but I am grateful for the opportunity to listen to them. 

The story slam venue, The Amsterdam Bar and Hall, has a opaque liquor wall that you can walk behind.  I brought my camera along specifically because I wanted to capture a few pics of it!

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