Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pogona Shawl. Again.

As long as we were at a beautiful mansion for a party and I was wearing my new shawl, why not force my husband to take pictures of me by a banister?!

This is Pogona.  You might recognize it, because it has appeared here before. Or, you might recognize it because many, many people have knit it.  Rightly so, as Stephen West's patterns are great.

Many of his patterns follow the same type of construction as Pogona, which is to say a top-down, garter tab construction with extra awesomeness thrown in.  I love that once you've established the pattern at the start, most of his shawls can be knit fairly mindlessly without being boring.  Plus, the finished shawls are so wearable.

Pogona has a lot of segments to it which makes it really versatile.  I can position it in a lot of different ways and it will still sit well.

And, the yarn?  This was my San Francisco yarn!  It is Ginko from Artfibers, which is 87% bamboo and 13% silk.  I used up almost all of the 380 yards I bought.  In fact, I had to rip back about an inch at the end to ensure that I had enough for the garter border.  The yarn and the pattern together yield a lustrous and drapey shawl that feels very nice against the skin.

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