Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fattoria Quercia Farm Stay

From one quercia to another!  The first farm we stayed at was called La Quercia (the oak) and the second one was called Fattoria Quercia (oak farm).  I chose these two farms as they were described as using organic practices and were vegetarian friendly.  Fattoria Quercia is near Bologna and still in the Emilia-Romagna region where the slow food movement is strong.

The farm is family owned and operated and fairly sizable with a wide variety of things going on. 

They had a good number of rooms and a few amenities like a small pool and a lovely outdoor area to lounge in.

Oh!  They have animals, too! At Fattoria Quercia, they have sheep, cattle, donkeys, horses, lots of cats, a few dogs and probably some other ones I have forgotten about.

The sheep are meat animals but are again very well cared for.

The owners seem to have a soft heart because we saw a 3 legged sheep and heard a story about a feral cat they rescued and tamed after spending a ton of money at the vet trying to save her life.

Oh yeah!  They had chickens, too! How could I forget to mention that!

We again opted for half board, partaking of breakfast and dinner.  And wine. We definitely enjoyed the wine here.  They made it in house and the red and white were equally amazing.  We couldn't chose so we had both.

We were given some lots of food choices at this farm.  For one of our dinners, mom bravely decided to give the donkey meat a go. It freaked her out a little and it wasn't that good, but now she can say she has eaten donkey.

The cooking at this farm near Bologna was self-described as typical bolognese food.  The food was wonderful.  The lighting was not so great.

We were given a choice between a few desserts at each dinner.  My favorites were the fior di latte and the chocolate sausage (not meat).  Yum!

We stayed at this farm for 2 nights, which gave us a full day to go on an excursion.  More about that in my next post.

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