Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pigeons Make Funny Hats

Pigeons on the roof of a store on the Ponte Vecchio
There are a lot of pigeons in Italy.  A lot.  One day when we were walking around, I noticed an inordinate number of them were choosing to perch on the heads of sculptures for just a minute or two while I was nearby.  I assumed they were posing for my camera, so I happily obliged them by taking their picture.

This one was the first one that I saw.  It made me chuckle, because that bird just looks like it owns that spot.  It is all like, "What are you looking at?  I totally belong all up in this guy's hair."

Then, this one happened a few minutes later. I imagine the lady is thinking, "Oh no you don't, bird.  I will cut you. Can't you see I am busy!"

And then, these...these still make me laugh.  The expressions on the faces of the sculptures look so freaked out by the bird perched on their head.  I will share with you what I know them to be saying, it is your job to read it in a whiny, nasal voice.

"You guys!  Is that a bird I feel on my head?  Ewwww!"

"Oh god! Oh god!  Get it off of me!  I can feel it sitting there!
Oh no!  Dude! You have one on your head, too!
Ahhh, there is one on my knee now!"

"Oh, not again!  I hate pigeons!  It is gonna poop in my eye, I just know it!"

Aren't you glad I saved these for their very own post? Ha!

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