Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Journey to Italy

Before you enjoy the beauty of a faraway country, you must endure lengthy air travel.  Why not start it off with an airport chair massage?

Chicago's O'Hare airport has a magical tunnel that connects 2 of its terminals. The tunnel is full of ever changing lights set to a soundscape of ambient music.  Since we had an almost 5 hour layover, we had plenty of time to enjoy it. We also had time to enjoy a sandwich from Xoco's airport restaurant.  Both experiences were nice surprises to kickoff our adventures.

We were not quite as chipper after a nearly sleepless night in the middle of the middle of the plane on our transatlantic flight. I started out with a cold, which didn't do me any favors on the long, cramped flight.  It definitely made me wish that everyone got to fly in suites.

The Zurich airport had lots of free, artsy looking magazines but I wasn't looking to add any weight to my bag so early in the trip.

The last leg of the trip from Zurich to Florence was on a smaller plane and I was the lucky recipient of a window seat.  As we came in low over Tuscany, the fields of grapes and olives came into view as did the terra cotta roofs.

And, after nearly 24 hours of travel, we arrived!

Well, we arrived at the airport and then transferred to a bus and then rolled our luggage across town to the apartment we had rented.  And then, we carried it up multiple flights of stairs.  Then, then we arrived!

Ciao, Firenze!

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