Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ventian Island of Murano - Glass, glass, glass.

I would have been completely happy spending the duration of our time in Venice wandering around the main island. However, the allure of the surrounding islands was strong enough that we decided to spend some time on 2 of them. We chose to visit Murano, which is famous for glassmaking, and Burano, which has a strong history of lacemaking.  To get to the other islands, you can take the vaporetto (city boat).  Today, I have some scenes from Murano to share with you and we'll cover Burano tomorrow.

We visited the glass museum during our time on Murano.

It is also common to step into a store and watch an artisan at work.  This woman was making beads using a lampwork technique.

A selfie a day is an important part of tourism. Ha!

On the vaporetto ride back to the main island, I spotted this dad who had his hands full with 2 kids in a stroller and 2 large dogs that he wrangled on and off the boat with ease. Impressive!

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