Friday, October 31, 2014

Venice - Tidbits

A few more sights from Venice before our trip comes to a close:

Produce store on a boat

There was a Visual Public Service project in the city that included statements posted on shop windows.  This one was my favorite:

This dog was playing fetch with her owner.  The owner was walking and chatting and would kick the ball from time to time.  The dog was intense and hilarious, not wanting anyone but her owner to touch the ball.

Without a lot of wide open spaces, it is common to find kids playing on whatever flat surface they can.  Even better if it isn't bordered by water!

There are lots of reliquaries to be found on the streets of Venice.  This one was a unique one.

There were also a ton of faces to be spotted if you open your eyes to them.  This one is having a bit of an issue with her eyebrows.

This dog was on a solo adventure and did not want to be caught.  He was doing something else when I aimed my camera but the shot turned into this by the time I hit the shutter! Leaving some pee-mail, as they say.

This doggy was waiting patiently outside of a market without a leash.  The perils to unleashed dogs are dramatically reduced when you take cars out of the equation so it was really common to see unleashed dogs in the neighborhood.

Spazzy poodle has the advantage of being unleashed.

Traffic jam!

Commentary on tourists near the area where all of the designer brands have stores.

A canal wall that is the exact gray/green combo as my Timbuk 2 bag:

In Venice, the bars commonly serve chichetti, which are small portions of food served along with drinks (basically Italian tapas).  On our last evening, we stopped for some at a bar in our neighorbood.  We each had 2 delicious, small sandwiches while I drank prosecco and my mom drank a spritz.  Spritz drinks are all the rage in Venice right now, according to the bartender.  A Spritz consists of prosecco, aperol or campari, soda water, an orange wedge and an olive.  It is a great idea to get a wine buzz before packing, right?

And here we find ourselves at the end of the last day of the 2 whirlwind weeks we spent in Italy.  As you can see, we experienced so many wonderful, beautiful, memorable things that it took me over a month to post about it all.

The next morning, with a quick, blurry selfie to cap it off, we boarded the boat to the airport.  In another near miss, the air traffic controllers were scheduled to strike the morning we were leaving.  Thankfully, it was called off at the last minute and we departed without any drama or delays. 

In the month that has passed since our return, I have already mostly forgotten how hard it is on your body to fly that far and long (24 hour journey each way) with such little sleep.  I am already excitedly thinking about what my next faraway adventure might be.

Thanks for sharing the trip with me, Mom!  It was a pleasure to share the journey with you.

And, thanks to you, my blog readers, too.  It is fun for me to know you are reliving the journey with me through these shared pictures and stories.  I hope you enjoyed your time in Italy!

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