Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Sweater for Lucas

How about another finished knit for a tiny human?  Ok! This little sweater is destined for my friend Abby's Lucas, who is about 8 weeks now.  I hope the sweater will fit him through his first New England winter.

I feel a bit clever for how this ended up coming together being that I knit it entirely with leftovers from my stash.  The green and oatmeal are Briggs & Little Heritage and are leftover from my Strokkur sweater. The dark gray is Eco Wool leftover from my Sweetheart Pullover.  It always thrills me when I can match a pattern I want to make with leftover yarn.  The likelihood of matching the right color, fiber, weight, and yardage with a desired pattern can sometimes feel like winning the lottery! These yarn leftovers were just the right fit for the Little Coffee Bean Cardigan.

On the flip side, my button stash failed me once again.  Nothing that I had on hand yielded the results I wanted.  Paul vehemently vetoed a set of red buttons.  These gray ones were purchased from 3 Kittens Needle Arts.  They had just the right number for the sweater with 1 extra to send along as a spare.  But, guess who forgot to include the spare when assembling the was me!

Since Abby is a knitter, I am hoping she will forgive me for making her a baby sweater in handwash-only yarn.

Ravelry project page

Also, Beth sent me a picture of Stella in her new hat.  I added the picture to the end of the post and wanted to let you know! Here it is!

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