Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in Wisconsin

This time of year is so rich with celebrations. Due to the timing this year, we were able to fit in one more family event than usual, which meant we got to see extended family on my dad's side that we don't get to connect with often. I am thanking myself for making the decision to tack on a few vacation days in order to extend the break to a full week.  Having that bit of extra time allowed me to really settle in to the gatherings and not feel rushed from one event to the next.

Our first stop was an evening at my dad's in Wisconsin. He is an expert gift guesser, so I didn't bother to wrap this gift up all that fancy.

My dad gave us some homemade gifts, including jars of applesauce made from the honeycrisp apples off his trees.  We opened a jar up right away and passed it around for sampling.  Mmmm! I like it when the applesauce has chunks in it. My sister Jessy does, too.

Paul and I spent that night and the next day at my Grandma's house with some human relatives and some animal relatives.

There hasn't been a lot of snow this year, so it was a welcome change when it started snowing a bit during our Christmas gathering.

photo credit to Paul, quilting credit to Grandma

Grandma Shirley

Aunt Audrey

Cousin Kendra


My Aunt Audrey prepared the fixings and sauce for Yumm Bowls, which made me a very happy guest. It was a nice antidote to the sweetness that is omnipotent this time of year (I am looking at you, Workplace Cookie Week!) The sauce was really good and I was happy to take some of the leftovers home.  The rest of the spread was quite excellent as well.

It was really great to spend more time with extended family.  My Uncle Buster and his family joined us for the afternoon, but by then I had put my camera down and picked up my knitting.  I made a lot of progress on a sweater I am knitting Paul while the family chatted and joked and teased each other.  It was a satisfying way to kick off Christmas Week!

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