Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Champlin

Our time in Wisconsin was brief because we needed to be back in the city for an important date. Christmas Day is spent with Paul's side of the family each year.  We gather at Joanne's house to share a meal, open presents and this year we crafted together, too!

Si is trying really hard to obey the "stay" command he was given.
Paul warming hands at the high tech yule log.


The snow must have followed us from Wisconsin!  There were big, fat snowflakes coming down during our gathering, but when we got to our house about a half hour away, there was no snow! It was a bit magical that the snow seemed to appear when and where we were celebrating Christmas.

Sam is the youngest in the family and the most intoxicated by presents.  He is fun to watch as he repeatedly asks if it is time to open the presents and then finally as he gets to unwrap his presents.

We gave Sam a remote controlled drone, along with the rule that his parents are in charge of when and where he can use it.  The drone was immediately unpackaged by his dad Tim and taken for a test flight.  Seconds after that, it was hopelessly tangled in Sarah's hair. It may be possible that Tim was more enthralled with the gift than Sam.  It is fair to say Sarah was the least enthralled. Thankfully, a little detangler spray and patient, gentle combing left her hair as good as new. Tim promises to use the gift outside next time.

New outfits were tried on:
photo credit to Paul
Legos were assembled:
photo credit to Paul
And I taught a crochet lesson to Mary and Joanne:
photo credit to Paul
photo credit to Paul
photo credit to Paul
And, after all of that we were all happy and some of us were tuckered out.
photo credit to Paul

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