Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Minnesota Valley Hike

Another stop with the time machine....back to late October! I was craving some more time with the beautiful fall colors, so Paul and I ventured out to a new set of trails for a hike. When we arrived we found the trees in this area of the Minnesota Valley Recreation Area had already dropped their leaves. It wasn't the hike I had envisioned but it was a gorgeous and satisfying day nonetheless.  The weather was perfectly crisp without being too cold and the sun was shining, adding warmth and highlighting the blue sky.

Louisville Swamp Area

After our hike, we went back to our car and ate a picnic lunch in the warmth of the car's interior.  At that point we decided to head back home only to find we were trapped!  The only way out of the park was blocked by a stopped train. We talked to those around us and found the train had been stopped for quite some time.  We ended up waiting for about half an hour for the train to start back up and move enough for cars to pass through.  From what I understand, we waiting a fraction of the amount of time the cars ahead of us had been waiting.  I hope everyone else was having a leisurely weekend day like we were and did not have a strict schedule to keep!

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