Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Around the cabin

The area around the lake cabin that we stayed at was beautiful.  The lake was clean and spring fed and alongside the roadway and driveway were wildflowers galore.  We didn't do much exploring but the little bit we did included frequent stops for flower admiring.  One of us enjoyed that more than the other.  I will leave it up to you to figure out which one of us was more taken with the flowers.

Paul was trying out the camera on my new phone.  It is very easy to get your fingers in the shot, as you might be able to tell from the photo above.

Most of our attention turned lakeward when at the cabin.  We had access to a rowboat but no oars, so we took one trip out with canoe paddles.  It wasn't the most efficient way to move, but it got us out there.

While we were waiting for the fish to bite, we played with another feature on my phone...the smile detection setting.  It has settings for big, medium and small smiles.  We had a lot of fun testing it out.

BIG smiles

small smiles

The thing is, it doesn't stop taking pictures!  We were laughing so much that it kept taking random pictures of us.

We had some bouts of rainy weather while we were there.  I was just fine with that as the view, my book club book and some tea were very satisfying company for a rainy day.

And the food!  We planned an awesome menu of food for our time there.  With the exception of the meal we had at the Duluth Grill we made all of our own food.  It was such a treat to have that much time and energy to prepare each meal.

I guess there was one bad thing about the rain.  I brought fancy chocolate for making smores by the fire.  The evening fires in the outdoor firepit were rained out.  Don't worry! I improvised and used the burner to toast my marshmallows! Smores plan saved!

We spent nearly all of our time at the cabin except for one awesome day trip.  It started with a wrong turn, but that is ok because we saw this deer.

Tons of pictures from our day trip to come tomorrow!


  1. Where was your cabin? Looks beautiful!!!

  2. Hi Jerri! The cabin was north of Duluth, west of Two Harbors. Such a beautiful part of the state!

  3. Cool! Great to know. We are going to Tettegouche camping in just a few weekends. Can't wait. It will be a great adventure. We have a cart-in site.


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