Monday, February 9, 2009

February Crafternoon

February's Crafternoon boasted the biggest group yet! I am really enjoying spending time crafting, snacking and bonding with these fabulous ladies.

Jamie and Jen

Kathy (AKA Mom) and Jess

Melanie and Sally

This month's Crafternoon included the finishing of this gorgeous birthday cowl, knit by Melanie and given to Sally.

We are quickly learning the ways of the Crafternoon: the snacks are so good that it is worth showing up hungry, the gathering lasts until the dogs are demanding their evening walk, and I don't tend to get all that much knitting accomplished, but feel a resurgence of inspiration from seeing everyone's projects.

I am already looking forward to next month!


  1. Me too! I wish every afternoon was Crafternoon.

  2. What a dork! Who is this weird Jen person?

    I agree, snacks are GREAT!


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