Tuesday, February 3, 2009


As I mentioned before, Saturday was a great day. Here are the other things I had in mind when making that declaration.

On our way out the door to go to breakfast, I spotted a package that had my name on it. The mail doesn't usually come until later in the day, so I was surprised to see it. I happily grabbed the package and brought it with us to breakfast. Inside was this awesome gift from Abby. It is the pendant that I had been pining for since seeing it in December. Thanks Abby! You picked a great color, too! I wore it that day and a few days since then.

The other great part about Saturday was that Paul and I finished our plans together with enough time in the day for me to get to The Beadhive's 40% off sale. I have a lot of beads, but sometimes spending time in a bead store and picking up a few new items can kickstart my jewelry-making mojo. That was definitely the case with Saturday's trip to the store. I only spent $25 but it was enough that I spent the whole evening making things, some of which didn't even incorporate any of the new items.

The store had recently gotten a shipment of charms, many of which were great. I chose this tree of life charm. The silver necklace has been in my possession for a year or two now, but I hadn't yet found the right charm for it. I think this pairing will make me quite happy.

I had pretty much decided on what I was getting and then I saw this disc shaped, turqouise and brown medallion and had to add it to the basket. This bead along with the accompanying stones were what made me go over my budget of $20. I think it was worth it. Something about the sturdy weight of the medallion made me unable to put it back. The beads on the necklace are a much closer match to the medallion than the photo is showing.

My necklace collection far outweighs my bracelets. In the winter I am usually wearing a scarf around my neck, so I don't wear necklaces as often. I recently realized that I should make some more bracelets so I can still incorporate a little bit 'o beads into my winter wardrobe. I loved the subtle stripes of multiple colors in these beads. I paired them with a neutral faceted glass bead.

Last, but definitely not least is this necklace. I have been stewing in my brain for a few years on what to do with these patina, metal beads. I loved them when I saw them so I bought a pair of each color thinking maybe I would make them into earrings. I could never figure out how to show them off in a group but I wasn't willing to break them up because I loved the color combination. It finally came together when I noticed this sterling silver chain and then remembered that I had some beads that were striped with the same colors. The funny thing is I didn't use any new items in this necklace. All of these things have been in my bead stash forever.

I hope that the color stays true in the beads. I am not sure how they were made so I am not sure of their durability. I am sure that I love this necklace!


  1. WOOOOW. You'll have to show these to me in person on Sunday. They all look fab!

  2. you're very welcome my dear...and WOW! i luurve you new necklaces! they are all beautiful...i like how the brown splotch on the turquoise bead (the big one) reminds me of a mushroom growning in the woods.

    such nice work babes!!! please wear then all next time i see you :)


  3. oh my gosh!!! that collection is so fabulous. i love the tree pendant. i am so thankful that you have such great jewelry making talent. it makes me salivate.

  4. What beautiful organic looking pieces! You have really developed your talent for jewelry making. I can't wait to see them in person! Love, Mom


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