Tuesday, February 10, 2009


On Sunday morning, my Black and Decker handheld mixer, while 2 1/2 minutes into a 4 minute mixing session, let off a bad odor, sparked and ceased to live.

We had a nice long run together. Together, we made cakes, sweet breads, muffins, cupcakes, frostings, puddings, meringues, waffles, pancakes, popovers, scones...the list goes on and on.

Before taking its last spin, B&D contributed to the fruition of a Marble Bundt Cake, which was consumed by the lovely ladies of the Crafternoon.

I am left with a bit of guilt because as I was taking the mixer out of the cupboard that morning, I remarked to Paul how nice it would be to own a stand mixer. In response to Paul's question, "What's that?", I proceeded to detail the many ways in which a stand mixer outshines a handheld mixer. I can't help but wonder if B&D died of a broken heart.


  1. Oh poor mixer. It did awesome work.

  2. I think it was just his time to go. Let me know when the services are so I can attend . . . Love, Mom


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