Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tie Asides

One of the blessings of having huge windows is all of the light they let it, but there are a few challenges in essentially having glass as your front wall. The first being privacy at night and the second being glaring sun that can sometimes blind you. I love the curtains to be open as much as possible and so do the plants, but Paul is pretty firm about closing them at dark. With the height of the windows, it is hard to slide the curtains back and forth on the curtain rod, so we needed a solution for quick and easy open and closed transitions.

Enter, a long in the works solution I like to call tie asides. My mom informed me that these things have an official name, but to me they will always be tie asides. The knitter in me knit up some i-cords, let them sit around for a month or two and then brought them to Jamie's to felt them.

I made short ones for the turquoise curtains and long ones for the silk curtains. They are attached to the wall by being strung through eye hooks. Easy peasy, super cheap and totally functional.

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