Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Job, New Sights

I started my job yesterday. It was a very nice and welcoming first day complete with a tin of loose leaf tea and a welcome card at my desk.

One of the perks of living where I live and working where I work is that I am able to have a pretty easy public bus commute. I rode the bus to my first day and have already been reminded why public transit is a nice way to get to work. While sipping my tea and looking out the window, I happened to see a very amusing sight that I probably would have missed if I had been driving. The bus stopped alongside a major construction site where there were a bunch of big, burly construction workers in their work boots, jeans, lined sweatshirts and florescent vests. They were gathered in a circle doing coordinated group stretches. I just happened to be there to witness them doing a stretch that very strongly resembled the Dancer yoga pose.

photo from this site

Talk about an entertaining start to the day!


  1. yay for jobs and public transportation! glad your first day was a success :)

  2. I bet that was a great start! I wish I was there with you. Did you start a new project just for the bus rides?

  3. i'm so glad you got the job and i'm so excited that you can finally use public transport in minnie. it's great! enjoy the job! see you soon.


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