Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book Club, Sunburst and Mock Duck

I finished off a busy weekend with a lovely book club gathering at Ngon Vietnamese Bistro tonight. We read The Things They Carried, so eating at a Vietnamese restaurant tied in nicely with the book. Ngon Bistro carries only Minnesota-made beers on their beer list, so I had plenty of interesting local beers to chose from. I tried the Sunburst Ale from Flat Earth Brewery and it was delicious. I ate the Mock Duck entree and that was delicious, too. I love having a fun book club meeting AND getting to eat at a new, great restaurant at the same time.


  1. um...that place sounds great! vietnamese food and local mn beers--two of my faves! thanks for the tip. hope all is well!

  2. The Things They Carried was also the book chosen for Somerville Reads so there are lots of things going on that tie in thematically. Sorry you aren't here for it!

  3. Jerri, it is totally worth it! I really liked my food.

    Linda, that is too bad for me, but great for Somerville! I've also been missing Webs and Hub Mills lately. MA has a lot to offer.


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