Monday, April 5, 2010

March Randomness

Under the Eaves of the Weisman

Crossing the Tracks

Lunch Break Crafting

Fanny Queen of the Couch Pillows

Sunbeam Trumps Softness of Dog Pillow

My Button Inheritance


  1. The day I knew I was truly married, was the day The Dougherty button box and The Ashe button box were combined into one. I haven't looked back since.
    I must say you have an impressive inheritance!!!

  2. Yes, button inheritances are very valuable. This inheritance has been handed down AND merged before it came to me. My Grandma Rosie gave it to my mom and recently my mom merged it with Roger's mother's collection. Now, I have it and I will merge it with my collection. And, as greedy as I am, I would welcome more buttons if they were offered to me!


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