Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buds in the Yard

After an extremely dry and warmer than usual March, April's showers are prompting all sorts of signs of what is to come in our yard.

Carolina Raspberry Buds
(Do you spy a Jack nose?)

Honeycrisp Apple buds

Lilies leaves have popped up in the rain garden.

Surprise! We have tulips in the yard that I didn't see last year.

As I have been trying to get the burdock under control in our yard, I've noticed a lot of earthworms. The recent rain has cause this giant worm to come above ground. That is a good sign for our garden this year!


  1. Hooray for growing things! I'm happy to say that my herbs are starting to sprout, my transplanted black-eyed susan seems to be coming back and the mint in the neighbor's yard is already going crazy. I love spring! Enjoy!

  2. I finally got the chance to dig in the dirt last night. I planted canna bulb and got my finger nails all grubby. Spring is glorious.


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