Friday, April 30, 2010

Olivine Vest

This F.O. has been finished for a long, long time. Since January 17th, to be exact. I got the yarn for this vest as part of my birthday present. The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted and the pattern is Olivine.

One of the details I loved about this pattern was the cable that goes across the back. Such a subtle and fun detail!

I opted to leave off the side straps. I had trouble finding the right place for them and finally decided that I was struggling with placement because I actually liked it better without them. I suspect that preference was related to the fact that the yarn I used had such color variegation in it. The original Olivine was knit with a solid yarn and I think the side straps look great on that version.

The vest is knit in pieces, seamed together and then all of the ribbed parts are knit on to it. What this meant was that by the time I realized that the button cuff was flaring, I was too far along to want to rip out and redo. So, as a result, the bottom cuff ends up looking a bit peplum-like.

That's ok, though, because this vest is so soft and warm and comfy, I can tolerate a little flounce in the ribbing. The buttons are vintage plastic buttons from Hunt & Gather.

I am very happy with this project and once again have been won over by the softness of Malabrigo. As most people say, it does pill with wear, but that doesn't seem to be enough to deter me from using it on garments.


  1. The contrasting buttons look great!

  2. trinity, i love this vest/sweater! it's really cute :) good job!


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