Sunday, April 3, 2011


This marks the second purple sweater I've completed in a few weeks! (link to post about 1st onehere) Although, this one has been on the needles since Christmas and set aside for other projects numerous times.

The pattern is Folded by Veera Valimaki. Link to my Ravelry project here.

This pattern caught my eye due to the fun detail above the bust line and because it just happened to match the gauge of yarn I have had in my stash for a long, long time. The yarn is Jaeger Siena and it has been in my stash for so long that it is now discontinued. It wasn't the perfect match for this pattern as it doesn't have quite the right drape, but it was about darned time that I used it.

The pattern is named Folded after this little folds above the bust line. As my friend Sally would say, they are enboobening. I am not particularly large in the chest area but this shirt gives the illusion that I am.

This is knit from the bottom up and in one piece. The front is larger than the back to allow for the folds. I was worried it was going to be too big all the way from the bottom up to where the folds were. After I made the folds, I was pretty sure it was not going to be a potato sack sweater, which was a huge relief after knitting many inches of fingering weight yarn in stockinette stitch. The thought of ripping that all out was worrisome, to say the least.

Cotton yarn sure does like to hold on to wrinkles! I tend to be attracted to patterns that are simple with an interested design element or two. So, this fit the bill for me and I'm counting on those wrinkles working themselves out as I wear the fiber in more.

Also, I finally got around to setting up a tripod and figuring out the timer on my camera. That means I can take my own photos instead of trying to corral Paul into taking my picture! It is actually quite a challenge to find a time where we are both at home, the weather is bright enough, my hair is clean and we have time to futz with picture taking. I am glad to have found a workaround for at least one of those barriers. Although, taking many many pictures of oneself does feel a bit odd. Many thanks to Paul for being willing to take close ups of raglan shaping, cables, cuffs and the many other requests a non-knitter might find odd. I'm sure I will still need his help from time to time.

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