Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scenes from a Dinner

Over the weekend, we had some new-to-Minneapolis and new-to-us friends over for dinner. Jessica and Scott said they would eat anything so Paul and I had fun coming up with the menu.

We slow roasted one of the last of my dad's squash from the fall. To the roasted squash we added Farmdog Blue, a local, raw blue cheese and maple syrup.

The salad included carrots, green apples and shredded beets which we mixed with spring greens and a homemade honey mustard balsamic dressing.

The bread from above went with this cheese and some olives for starters. The middle cheese is a mango and candied ginger stilton. Paul put this on his burger the next night and he swooned.

The entree was Orange Pan Glazed Tempeh, which we served over sauted chard.

For dessert we doubled this Figs in Honeyed Wine with Mascarpone recipe.

We had this meal the night after our dinner at Spoonriver and the night before our first grilled dinner of the season. It was a weekend of good eats!


  1. Holy crap! That meal looks magazine worthy. Food porn, for sure! WOW! Impressed all over the place--

  2. Is this the Jessica I met at the conference? And yes, this meal looks AMAZING! I miss being in dinner club with you! :)

  3. Beth,
    That is her! We got to meet her hsuband Scott that night.
    I miss veggie dinner club, too! Not enough veg-heads around here for my taste. In fact, there is another Meat Meet happening soon.

    You are one of the most appreciative dinner guests ever. We will have to cook for you again soon :)

  4. This is really good food porn.


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