Friday, April 29, 2011

Pear Vanilla Jam, Oh My!

It is not too much to say that I have been a bit obsessed with jams, preserves and marmalades lately. I have been reading recipes on blogs, special ordering books from the library and hunting down specific ingredients. The next recipe that I could not wait to make after I got the blood orange marmalade monkey off my back is this Pear Vanilla Jam.

I am glad that I honored the suggestion that the vanilla beans were essential, because they totally make this recipe. I have been thoroughly enjoying this sweet, vanilla, pear goodness on bread. It is so good that way that I haven't ventured beyond that yet, but I can imagine it would also be good on ice cream or mixed into yogurt.

I am noticing that the more batches of preserves and jams I make, the less tiresome the process is for me. I managed to make this batch on a work night while my dad chatted with me in the kitchen. I think most of the labor is spent on the sterilization process for the hot water bath canning. I'm getting a system down for that, too.

Now, I have to decide what is next. I think it might depend on what the next round of in-season, affordable fruit is...maybe rhubarb!


  1. if a jar of that got shipped back to Boston, i wouldn't be complaining. Lol... you are becoming quite good at this!

  2. mmmmmmmmm you're making me hungry!!!


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