Friday, April 1, 2011

Librarian Beth and the Sample Room

Luckily for us, our friend Beth's professional art librarian conference just happened to be held in our fair city last weekend. We whisked her away for a brunch/lunch and a catch-up session. We had a lot to catch up as she had recently gone on a Costa Rica adventure and, of course, we wanted updates on her life out east. Besides bring thrilled that we got to see Beth, Paul was thrilled by the amount of pickled garnish on his Bloody Mary.

We were all pleased with The Sample Room and appreciated the "from scratch" kitchen. Beth and I were both glad we had upgraded to the roasted potatoes if not just for the homemade ketchup. Yum! I definitely want to go back and try more of their offerings as there were so many appealing vegetarian dishes. The only bummer was that we had to bring Beth back to the conference far too quickly for my taste.


  1. I know! It was quite a whirlwind experience! I'm so glad I got to sneak away and see you guys, though. And thanks for taking me to a fun new place to eat (for all of us!). I'm sure I'll make it out to Minnie again sometime soon. :)

  2. Love that you got to go there. It looks like such an awesome place--now we have to go! Beth inspired Joey to take our college friend, Michelle, there who is currently in town from NYC. She loved it!


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