Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Early Spring Harvest

The early spring temperatures have yielded an early spring harvest. These tulips came inside to stay out of the cold last week. I inherited these tulips from the previous owner and each spring am so grateful for the burst of color they provide. I think this fall I really need to get some more spring bulbs in the ground. Since they are the first color to arrive, they really get savored. I'm thinking some daffodils are a must-add.

The chives are up already, too! I have nearly harvested all of ours for making batches of a green sauce. I'll post about that sauce soon, because it is too good not to share!

The spring onions are up, too! I used the first few of them in an egg salad sandwich this past weekend. I made the bread that day, too. I love it when the proportion of a meal's ingredients tips towards homemade vs store bought. Now, if only those eggs came from my own backyard!

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