Sunday, April 15, 2012

Grandma's 94th and Easter

She may not have gotten rich this year, but we did gather again to help my Grandma's welcome in her 94th year. Her actual birthday was a week or so later, but Easter Sunday was a good time for us to all gather in Wisconsin for a celebration.

Grandma Rosie did indeed get some more cards with money this year. She also got new clothes, sugar free cookies, flowers and balloons.

She is still having a hard time hearing but is holding on to her sense of humor just fine. Among her favorite things are back scratches and hugs, which are easy to give!

Since it was Easter, there was also an egg hunt for the youngest ones. They even shared some of their sweets with their grandma and my mom despite having been instructed not to eat any themselves. Generous girls!

We had a beautiful, albeit windy, day with pre-lunch hula hooping.

And a post-lunch walk down a wind tunnel of a road.

On our walk we spotted some donkeys and some spring flowers but we never did find that eagle's nest. I am suspicious that the promise of an eagle's nest was just my Uncle Bill's ploy to get the masses outside for a walk!

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