Monday, April 9, 2012

Fingers Crossed!

I mentioned in my last post that the weather in Minnesota (and nearly the entire country, I read) has been unseasonably warm. My apple trees have bloomed already! So, of course, it follows that we are now expecting an extended period of below freezing temperatures for the next 2 nights. I decided to throw together a slapdash set of protective strategies for the plants I care most about (read: the ones that produce things I can eat).

The strawberry plants received some makeshift greenhouses made out of cut up milk jugs. We inherited these from my dad and have had them in the garage for over a year waiting for a scenario like this. Paired with some random leftover wood to weight them down, I think they will do the job.

The smallest rhubarb plants will spend the night in a box, while the larger plants got a tarp blanket.

Paul was not too happy to be helping me tuck in our apple trees. We were out there with our painting blankets, a set of sheets and a ton of clothespins trying to make the best apple tree tents we could.

It is goofy looking, but perhaps it will be enough to save our apple crop this year. We have big plans, so it would be nice for the buds to make it through this cold snap.

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