Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FO: Paulie Cardi

Hey! I finished a sweater! This one has been in the works since last September. In fact, I think I started it right before going on this retreat last fall. Yikes! That is a long time for me to spend on a project. I guess that is the sort of timeline you get when you aren't knitting very much and you have chosen a project with fingering weight yarn. In the end, I am glad to have put in the time. The lightweight fabric that resulted from all of those tiny stitches is both warm and comfortable without much bulk.

The yarn is Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk, which was quite pleasant to work with and not an itchy wool. The stripes are out of a merino wool and bamboo blend yarn from Happy Hands Hand Dyed Yarns. This yarn has a great sheen and the dye job is a wonderful mix of blues and greens with touches of khaki and brown. The stripes and the i-cord edging consumed so little of the skein that I am now in the process of knitting some wristwarmers out of the leftovers.

Of course, I finished the knitting on this a number of weeks ago. The sweater was in button-limbo for all that time. When I didn't find the right buttons in my stash, I headed to Treadle Yard Goods and ended up finding these lovely turquoise buttons. They had the some buttons in orange, which was mighty tempting. I am glad I went with turquoise as it will allow me to wear lots of colors underneath the sweater without it clashing.

Thanks to my sister Jessy for taking these photos for me and to my mom for bringing along her hula hoops for our Easter celebration. I think the hooping pictures are way more fun than this sort of straight-laced, sweater shot.

Oh! And, the pattern is called Paulie, which I thought was a fun coincidence considering I am married to Paul. Here is a link to my project on Ravelry.


  1. As someone who doesn't knit, this is mind blowing to me that you can actually make something like this with your own two hands. Bravo!

  2. I love the sweater! You are impressive. Love the hula hoops, too!


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