Wednesday, June 20, 2012

After Work Strawberry Sorbet

The weather here has been alternating between extremes.  We have had a sequence of super hot, humid days alternating with days of severe thunderstorms and massive amounts of rain.  For the hot days, I have found a fast and simple treat that I like to indulge in the minute I walk in the door.  This cool treat really helps counter the overheated state I am in when I get from from the (train and walking) commute.

Strawberry Sorbet with Lemon and Honey
I take two big handfuls of frozen strawberries, half of a small lemon (with the peel cut off and the seeds removed), a glop of honey and a small amount of water.  I blend that together in my blender (yay, VitaMix!) until it is smooth and then coax it out of the blender and into a glass.  I promptly take it out to the back deck where I watch the dogs complete their post-work inspection of the yard.  This simple concoction is just the right amount of sweet and tangy. It makes for an utterly delightful transition from work to play.

Do you make any blender based sorbet recipes that you love?

Another favorite simple, after work smoothie I like to make is just apple juice, bananas (fresh or frozen) and ice cubes.  So simple and so good!

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