Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hay and Sunday

Hey! Hay!  As I might have mentioned, we are gardening with a different set of strategies this year.  One of those strategies is to focus our energy and space on tomatoes in the main part of our garden.  The problem with this strategy is that when the plants are small, there is a ton of space for the weeds to move in.  We haven't been doing much weeding and it shows!

I decided that I wanted to try hay as a weed control method in our main garden space this year.  But first I needed to pull out all of the weeds that have been growing rampant.  I tried to weed the right side of the garden gradually this week, so it looks a little better than the untouched left side.

After about 2.5 hours of weeding and spreading hay around, the garden now looks like this!  The tidiness makes me very happy.  

I am looking forward to taking a shot from this same vantage point after the tomatoes have grown to their full size.  I imagine they will swallow up a lot of the garden.  More immediately, though, I am looking forward to eating peas!  The first pods are setting on, so you can bet I will be keeping a close watch over the plants this week.

After getting all of my gardening, household chores and errand running done, I paid a visit to my friend Holly and her family.  Holly's house is always an inspiring place for me to visit.  She is always cooking up something amazing.  We've also been talking a bit about photography lately and on this visit, she let me play with her zoom lens.  I was standing a long way from her clothes line when I took this picture.  I am in love with my 50mm f/1.8 lens, but I am also pining after some others, as well.

Holly's backyard is also home to this abandoned kitten at the moment.  My heart melted for him and I wanted to take him home, but I think 3 pets in enough for our house.

Holly's 2 little ones have inherited her dark hair and blue eyes.  Stunning!

And with that...POOF!  The weekend is gone.

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