Thursday, June 7, 2012

Striped Spring Lady Sweater

This might be a record for me!  I knit this sweater up pretty quickly, washed and blocked it, found and sewed buttons on and photographed it all within less than 6 weeks!  Normally somewhere along that path, I get delayed.  I might knit something quickly, but then let it linger in the finishing/blocking zone.  Or, often, I will finish something and then take forever to get it photographed (I have a shawl in this zone at the moment!).  But, not this sweater!  The stars were aligned for this one.

I'm happy to have this turn out successfully because I had many failed starts with both of these yarns prior to settling on this sweater.  The colorful yarn started out as a pair of socks, but looked too busy for the stitch pattern.  The super soft green colored yarn was meant to be paired with a darker green for a Cityscape sweater, but I didn't think the fiber would be just right for that pattern.

In the end, I am pleased with the combination of colors, which you can see best in this photo of the button.  The inherited button tin came through with buttons for this sweater!  Yahoo!

The 3/4 length sleeve and the cotton yarn are great for this time of year when it is hot outside but cold inside most buildings.

Link to Ravelry project here.

For those that care about the knitting details, I modified the February Lady Sweater pattern to add striping in the yoke and cuffs.  The yarns are Socks that Rock Mediumweight and Knit Picks Comfy Sport.

Thanks to Paul for the pictures!


  1. A beautiful sweater I was lucky to have seen in person! Nice photos Paul! Becky D

  2. Very cool sweater! Love, Mom

  3. This is beautiful and I hope some day I can learn to knit as well as you do and take on some of these daunting projects! 6 weeks is amazing! I'm still a beginning but learning to cable on the baby blanket I'm making.


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