Monday, June 25, 2012

Give & Take with the American Craft Council

Oh, the view!
Last week I spent a beautiful summer evening atop the Grain Belt Brewery Building.  I was gathered there with other maker-types for an event called Give and Take - Craft.  This event was co-hosted by the American Craft Council and Works Progress.  Did you know that the American Craft Council relocated from NYC to Minneapolis about two years ago?  We are lucky to have them here in our city hosting events and holding down the American craft scene from middle America.

Jessica introducing one of the speakers
My friend Jessica is the librarian at ACC, so it is thanks to her that I am aware of the events they host.  I attended another of the Library Salon Series events earlier where Garth Johnson of Extreme Craft gave a talk and a film screening about craft in the media.  For the record, I also shared this evening with friends Missy and Jill, a delicious glass of Sauvignon Blanc and an in-progress washcloth.  

Rebecca Yaker of One-Yard Wonders
Give & Take Craft was a 2 for 1 event, in that there was a lot of audience participation/engagement and speakers.  The interactive part was centered around Give & Take's event format that includes wonderful name tags.  Upon arrival to the event, each person completed a name tag on which he/she wrote their name, something they know and something they want to know.  It was a great conversation starter as well as a way to solve real problems.  People made some great connections and it was always intriguing to hear about what people know and love and rewarding when someone's skills matched with someone else's desire to know.  For the record, I know how to knit a sweater and I want to know how to sew a dress that fits me!

Representatives from TC Maker and The Hack Factory
One person even gave a presentation that he didn't know he was going to give when he arrived!  He was a good sport and taught us all how to tie a bow tie.  And, as it turns out, he is the ACC's newest employee and his wife wants to learn how to knit.  She may become the newest member of our Crafternoons!

It was a great night that filled me with gratitude that I live in a place where creativity is valued and nurtured and often presented with a healthy dose of whimsy and humor.  This is a really great town.  Maybe you'd like to come visit sometime if you aren't here already!

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  1. Pretty awesome! Mpls really IS a great town--if only you could do something about those winters!Call me a wuss. (My fave place to visit the rest of the year).


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