Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Violet!

Before Jamie had human babies, she had her Lucy baby. Although, she is cute, Lucy was in trouble for trying to steal cake from toddlers.  Why are there toddlers and why do they have cake?  A birthday party, of course! Jamie and Adam's daughter Violet is the big ONE today!  

Yesterday, friends and family gathered for a fundraising walk for the hospital where Violet was born. More details about the walk and Violet's story on Jamie and Adam's blog. The littlest ones among them donned handmade capes customized with their initials.  Super cute superheroes, they were.  After the walk, the festivities continued in the birthday girl's backyard.  That is where I joined in.

Big sister Sylvia and I had a bit of fun playing a balloon and crepe paper based version of tetherball, while she was taking time off from her superhero duties and Violet was resting up before the big (cake) show.

When babies have their first taste of cake, the paparazzi must cover it.  The experienced cake eaters enjoyed the Super V cake while the birthday girl had her very own teddy bear cake.

Friend Megan drew the adorable artwork for the Super V cake! 

At first taste, she didn't see what all the fuss was about.

Lucy offered to help Violet.  This might have been what sparked the aforementioned stealing of cake from the other children.  Once you get a taste for cake, it is hard to resist.

Turns out, Violet likes it!  It took a while for her to get messy, but she did us proud in the end.

Joking aside, it was really a day to celebrate seeing as less than a year ago, Violet was teeny tiny, hooked up to an arsenal of monitors and was in a high-security NICU.  After she was born just shy of 30 weeks, she had so much growing and developing to do to survive outside of the NICU.  This photo below shows Adam holding Violet about 2 weeks after she was born.  His wedding ring is there to give the photo some scale.

Now, she is a joyful, thriving and lovely one year old!

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