Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home Improvements - Deck Edition

One of the things we knew we were going to need to get done this summer was to stain the cedar deck in our backyard. It was really worn when we bought the house. It barely had any stain left on it and was pretty gray and weathered. We did some research and learned what was needed to get the job done. Without taking into account the researching and shopping time, this project took two weekends. The first weekend we washed and scrubbed. Then we let it dry until the next weekend when we did the staining. Luckily for us, we got the weather we needed to be able to get it done without rain interfering with the drying. We were worried about the weather so we ended up postponing our start time to the point where we were racing against the sunset. It took the both of us almost 3 hours of hard work without breaks to get it done by sundown, but we did it! My paint-brush-holding-hand is still sore.

We took some before and after pictures. The before shots are actually after we did the washing and scrubbing but before the staining.



We had to use a dark stain in order to avoid having to take a belt sander to the bits of remaining stain that were on the wood. It is quite a color change, but I think it looks fresh. Plus, it will help the deck last longer.

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