Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Crafternoon

Project 365: Day 359

Crafternoon today was full of lots of knitting, a fair amount of crocheting and a wee bit of quilting. Jill has been taken by the Lacy Baktus fever. Meg and Cyrus have been captured in the land of crocheted amigurumi with Cyrus crocheting a little poo and Meg a snail. Missy was upping her knitting skills while working on a wrapped stitch scarf. Jamie sewing on the last stretch of the binding on a quilt her mom sewed for Sylvia. My mom is nearing the end of her skein of oceanic looking ribbon yarn for her scarf, which she only works on during Crafternoons. Casey was sitting too far away for me to see what she was working on! What were you working on today, Casey? And, I was plugging away at my Bit by Bit Blanket. We were a very industrious bunch. I think this may have been the first Crafternoon where I actually made notable progress on my project. As people get more familiar with my house, I can start cutting down on my hostessing and increasing my time spent on crafting. It was also probably helpful that Tchazo spent the first part of Crafternoon at the dog park with Paul.


  1. I was working on a woolly acorn, once done it is felted and stuffed.It's a Marie Mayhem pattern.I had a great time at crafternoon, thanks,Casey

  2. I just love the word crafternoon :)


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