Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthday - Part 3 Continued

Wow! Paul outdid himself once again, making me feel so loved and spoiled on my birthday. We had such a fun day, starting right from the top of the morning when Paul made breakfast.

After breakfast I settled into a bath with a book while Paul went to the gym. When he came home, he was bearing this huge bouquet.

It was only then that he revealed to me the next part of the plan. We were to head out to get a quick bite to eat for lunch, go ice skating and then to a yarn shop.

The ice skating rink was right in the middle of downtown St. Paul, amidst the historic buildings. The weather was very cooperative, with a light dusting of snow falling while we skated. At one point during our time on the rink, I looked at Paul and then looked around at everyone else and realized that it is impossible to ice skate without a big smile on your face!

Then, we headed to The Yarnery where I was given the instruction to pick out yarn that I liked. I chose Malabrigo worsted merino yarn to make an Olivine Vest. The vest pattern was recently published on Ravelry and I can't wait to make it.

Next up was a trip back home to open my presents. As if this day wasn't already completely awesome, Paul had prepared a story to accompany my gifts. It was such a sweet delivery and his presents were really well thought out. Included in my gifts was the Sweater Wizard software. I'm not even going to tell you about my other presents because you might be tempted to come and steal Paul from me. They were that awesome.

It was then time to get dressed up and head out to a delicious dinner at Restaurant Alma. They have a tasting menu for vegetarians and one for omnivores. They knew it was my birthday so they started our evening off with complimentary glasses of Cava wine. The food was delicious and came in small enough servings that I was able to enjoy the 3 courses plus dessert without stuffing myself silly. All of the dishes were perfect, both in terms of presentation and flavor.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Paul for the memorable day.

Also, thank you to everyone else who took the time to be a part of my birthday by calling, emailing, posting on Facebook, taking me out to eat, buying me a massage, baking me a cake, giving me lovely gifts and anything else you did to mark my birthday. You all helped make my birthday remarkable and I am grateful.


  1. Wonderful and well deserved! Snaps to Paul! And what a dress! You look beautiful. Also I love Restaurant Alma. The owner went to high school with Todd.

  2. You KNOW what I'm gonna focus on. THAT DRESS, Trin! It's gorgeous on you!

  3. That dress is beautiful on you! Is that Grandma Rosie's necklace?!


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