Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Broccoli as Big as My Head

Our garden is getting HUGE! And so is a lot of the produce coming out of it. I went right out to the garden when I got home from work last night because I knew the broccoli was getting big and I wanted to make sure we cut it before it flowered. It looked like a big bouquet!

Also, it was as big as my head! Paul and I followed these directions to blanch and freeze it. We froze it into meal-sized servings. Part of the freezing process includes using a low-tech method to such the air out of the baggies. As the link explains, we used a straw in the bag to suck the air out and then sealed it quickly. Paul did the honors of sucking the broccoli air out (you know what that smells like, right?). He likened it to taking a hit off of the broccoli hookah. Blech!

We already know the broccoli is tasty because these two heads weren't the first ones we harvested. We've already had some in stir fry, steamed some and ate some raw. I just hope the frozen stuff is good, too.


  1. You look so cute, farmer Trinknitty.

  2. The broccoli is beautiful! And so is your adorable dress!

  3. Ha! I just bought that same dress at the Banana Republic Factory store! Love it! And your broccoli is amazing!

  4. Thanks for the compliments, ladies. Beth, I am impressed you could recognize it!


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