Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thinning Harvest

Last night I ate babies from the garden. We dined on baby beets (including the beet greens), baby carnival carrots, baby peas and one of the first tomatoes from our cherry tomato plant. Also included were new potatoes from the farmers market, a fresh herb dressing made from a mix from our potted herb garden and chard from the garden. The only non-local food we ate was some avocado and a few slices of a coop tomato.

We harvested all of these tiny, tiny carrots and beets because the rows needed thinning. The remaining plants now have enough space to grow big and delicious.

I think I have created a pair of pea monsters. I started feeding them the shells from the snap peas and they love them. Now, when I go into the garden and snack on peas, they eagerly wait by the fence for me to toss some shells their way.


  1. Nothing better than baby beet greens, yum!!!

  2. your garden looks so wonderful! and what cute little pea monsters :)


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