Friday, July 9, 2010

July State of the Garden Report: Potted

Next up: potted plants! For reference, here is what they looked like last month. And now for the photos from the beginning of July:

Herbs on the left

I had to move some of the potted plants to a new location because I noticed they were damaging the wood underneath them. Oops!

Herbs on the right

I've learned that dill grows fast and doesn't seem to replenish itself after it is cut.
Also, the cilantro is turning yellow. I am not sure why.

The Earth Boxes have grown by leaps and bounds.
They are flanked by the tomato plants that were formerly on the deck.

Tomatoes and Peppers

Some of the tomato plants are taller than me!

Little globe tomatoes starting out

The first of the cherry tomatoes!

Tiny little baby bell pepper

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  1. Looks like your veggie garden is turning out great! It looks like your garden is a bit bigger than mine, but my potted garden is working out great, too! :) It will be a great year for veggies!!


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