Sunday, July 11, 2010

July State of the Garden Report: Fruit Bearing

The berries and apples are a little slower growing than the veggies, but they too have made progress in the last month. Here is what they looked like in June.

The apples are getting bigger. We won't have a huge crop, but the fruit we have on the trees seems to be holding tight.

The raspberries have proven to me that they need to be pruned. I plan to do that in the fall, but for now the berries are sagging into a little bridge for Jack to walk under.

We have a new addition to our fruit bearing garden. Strawberries! Paul's mom got us three of these ever-bearing strawberries plants. I think we will work on making a strawberry bed in our yard for them in the fall. We have yet to identify a good spot for it, though. Our little yard is filling up quickly!


  1. OMG I am so jealous! You have the best blog name ever. My name is Trinity too!I crochet, just found your blog. I'm now following!

  2. Hi Trinity! It is nice to meet you. Welcome to my blog. I am very appreciative that my name and one of my passions blurred together so conveniently to make TrinKnitty.


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