Monday, August 23, 2010

Mid-August State of the Garden Report: Fruit-bearing

The fall crop of raspberries have started to ripen. (Whoa! I just noticed the creepy Tchazo eye in this photo!) We have been picking (and the dogs have been stealing) about a handful of berries a day. I think I have mentioned this before, but I think the berries would be doing much better if I had pruned/trimmed them back. I am learning as I go. For this year, I have low expectations. Just picking some to eat with yogurt for breakfast is enough to make me happy this year.

The apples are also struggling this year. The one pictured above is our best case scenario. The one in the photo below is our worst case scenario. I hung up the sticky ball traps, but I wasn't diligent about reapplying the sticky stuff. I am not sure if that would have helped, but I can definitely tell these apples aren't going to be pretty when we cut into them. That is, if there are any left to harvest after the squirrels, birds, bugs, dogs and whomever else is after them takes their share. I guess I won't be making that apple pie for Paul with our apples this year. Fortunately we have a great apple vendor at our farmers' market.

The strawberry plants are steadily producing a few berries at a time. This plant is looking for some soil in which to propagate. We haven't decided on a place for the strawberry bed yet, so for now, they are going to have to stick to the pots.

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