Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mid-August State of the Garden Report: In the Ground

Our garden is a jungle! Back when I was planning and planting the garden, I failed to truly realize how big everything would get.

We had to force a few spots open so we have a place to walk into the garden. The enormity of the plants is both a good and bad thing. The good part is that what is growing and producing heartily for us. Here is some of what we have recently harvested:

Carnival carrots
Collard greens and green beans

cucumbers, red and white chard, kale

Not everything is growing happily, though. The bad side of the unexpectedly enormous plants is that the edamame's sun was blocked by the zucchini. It also seems to have been almost beaten to the ground by the encroaching zucchini foliage.

Another garden fail, unrelated to the jungle plants, has been the onion patch. The soil wasn't leveled well enough which caused the water to pool in the bed. The pooling water prevented the onion stalks from growing. We now have 300+ onions that are only slightly bigger than when we planted them. Oops! Lesson learned. When we have a chance, we are going to dig them up and replant the space with a fall crop of salad greens...with level soil.

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  1. It's always a learning process, but it looks like things are going great! My garden is pretty much done. I was hoping to do a fall crop of something, but moving and everything that goes with it is taking up all of my time right now. But I'm still planning on getting a plot next summer.


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